General Rules And Discipline


It is the obligation of every student of YMC to maintain and observe decency in their conduct towards fellow students, staff, administration and management.
It is mandatory to attend classes regularly, and complete assignment and projects on time.
Students are required to have 75 per cent of class attendance. Non-compliance to secure mandatory attendance will debar student(s) from writing promotion examination and University examinations.
Students should wear prescribed College Uniform on all college working days. Students cannot enter College premises without College Uniform.
Boys should come to college with hair trimmed decently. Wearing college uniform with long and coloured hair is not allowed inside the college campus.
Use of cell phone inside the college campus is strictly prohibited. Students should always keep their cell phones in ‘switched off’ mode in the campus.
Use of any kind of intoxicating substances and inappropriate behaviour against accepted social norms and laws in the college Premises are serious offences.
Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college campus. The college adheres to the guidelines of University Grants Commission (UGC) on prevention of ragging in college.
The college reserves the right to initiate appropriate disciplinary action in the form of fine, suspension and expulsion from college.


The college insists on proper dress code in learning institution and thereby prescribes its own College Uniform for students.
Dress Code Specification
Boys: Grey Trousers, Full Sleeve shirt, Grey Tie, Black Shoe, Black Belt
Girls: Grey Skirt, shirt, Grey Scarf, Black Shoe
Wednesday Dress: White Polo T-Shirt with Grey borders for both boys and girls
NOTE: Detailed information on College Uniform will be provided from the office during admission.


Students are required to attend all class lectures of compulsory subjects and their elective subjects every day during college working days.
The college will grant leave for personal illness, immediate family member’s illness & tragedy, natural calamities, and student’s academic related work. Leave for other reasons & purpose will depend on specific nature of emergency and circumstances.
The college may condone absence in class lectures and assignment due to illness only with the submission of proper medical treatment certificate and good reasons for absence in other cases.
No written leave application will be accepted. Students must apply for leave and condoning of absence request in the prescribed format*, which should be signed by the parent/ guardian and submit to the Principal’s office.
Note: * Leave format will be provided to the student during admission.

NOTE: A Booklet on Comprehensive College Rules & Regulations will be issued to students during admission.


All cell phones must be switched off on entering the college premises. Any violation of this rule will result in confiscation of the phone, which will be returned only after the semester course work.
Students should be punctual in college for all class lectures & assignments.
Students who have been absent from college or are late for class lectures will not be allowed to enter classroom without the Principal’s approval.
Students should come to the college in prescribed uniform dress.  Modification to the uniform is not allowed.
Headgear of any type including head bands, hoods, hats, caps are not allowed inside college campus.
Students are always expected to set standards of good conduct and politeness within and outside college campus.
Students should refrain from possession or use of any illegal drugs, alcohol & tobacco products, failures to observe this regulation may lead to suspension or expulsion from college.
Gambling, immorality, disrespectful or profane language will not be tolerated in college.
Students are to be polite & respectful to the college management, Administrative staff, teachers, General office & library staff, security, canteen and any external staff employed by the college.
Students are advised to make use of the waste bins. They are expected to keep college premises neat and clean.
Save water and electricity. Lights & fns should be switched off when not in use.
Students should take care of college property. Defacing or damaging college property is unacceptable. These includes writing messages on walls, desk & benches, damaging furniture, glass panes, library books etc. student(s) shall compensate the cost of any college property damaged by them. If no student owns up the damaging done, a common fine will be charged from all students.
Students have to take Principal’s permission to arrange/organize functions & meetings or to make monetary collection for any purpose whatsoever.
Every student should take good care of identity card, students’ leave record and library cards. Identity card should be produced whenever required or to have access to benefits & facility offered by the college. Students should make use of leave card for genuine reasons only.
Students are not allowed to loiter around in town & market places dressed in college uniform.
Any form of ragging, whether verbal or physical or any means of bullying and victimization is strictly forbidden.
Indulging in mischievous intent in any form, including use of internet, unscrupulous means, defamation, unfounded accusations and any kind of activity to malign or tarnish the image of any person in the college shall not be tolerated.
The college reserves the right to initiate appropriate disciplinary action in the form of fines, suspension & expulsion from college.