Essay and Poster Competition

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The Tobacco Control Committee Yemhi Memorial College, conducted an Essay and Poster competition on the 4th of August, 2017 at the College Campus. The following students were declared as winners in the respective categories:

  1. Essay Competition:

1st position             –       Mr. Botoka Chopy B.A 5th Semester

2nd position           –       Mr. Wijonwangbo B.A 5th Semester

3rd position           –       Ms. Vikethonuo Ruby Zhale B.A 1st Semester

  1. Poster Competition:

1st position            –       Mr. Abenthung N. Murry B.A 1st Semester

2nd position           –       Ms. Loreni Ngullie B.A 3rd Semester

3rd position           –       Mr. L Hotoyi Sumi B.A 3rd Semester


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