Academic Calendar 2016

(January 2015 to December, 2016)
1 College reopening & Registration for 2nd & 4th Sem Students Jan 12th – Jan 14,2015
2 Faculty meeting & Routine Distribution Jan 14th
3 Commencement of Regular classes Jan 15th
4 College Sports week & Literary Programme Feb 18, 19, 20th
5 Internal Assessment Marks Submission & Faculty Meeting April 02nd
6 Application for 2nd & 4th Sem exam including 2nd Sem Backlog for 4th Sem students April 08th
7 Submission of Exam form to University April 10th
8 NU End Semester Exam for 2nd & 4th Sem students April 28th – May 12th
9 Submission of Roll sheet cum Statement of Attendance/ Signature Sheet of 4th sem including Final Examination Report May 15th
10 Staff meeting :Submission of marks of 2nd Sem by Examiners including answers scripts followed by tabulation of marks May 14
11 Submission of Roll Sheet cum statement of Attendance, Signature Sheet along with Tabulation Sheet of 2nd sem May 16th
12 Declaration of results of 2nd Sem (After University’s Approval) May 18th
13 Summer Break (Not for Administrative Staff) May 15th –June 7th
14(A) Admission for 1st Sem students May 1st –June 30th
14(B) Re-admission for 3rd Sem students (5th Sem students are allowed to attend classes provisionally from 8th June till decl.of results by NU) May 18th onwards
15 Faculty Meeting & New Routine distribution June 6th(Sat day)
16 Regular classes for 3rd and 5th Semester students June 8th(Monday)
17 Orientation to New Batch of students July 2nd
18 College Foundation Day July 11th
19 Fresher’s day Programme August 11th
20 Completion of Sem course for 1st , 3rd ,& 5th Sem & Submission of Internal Assessment Marks September 10th
21 Application for 1st ,3rd ,&5th semester exam( Including Backlog Papers of 1st , 3rd Sem students) October 9th
22 Nu, End Semester Examinations of 1st, 3rd & 5th Sem October 26th to Nov.6th (Tentative)
23 Faculty Meeting for Review of Exam. Results of 1st ,3rd & 5th Semester November 10th
24 Submission of Marks to NU followed by Declaration of Results after University’s approval November 12th to 14th
25 Starting Classes for 2nd,4th and 6th semesters Nov 16th to Dec 15th
26 Winter Break Dec 16th to January 10th,2016
27 Conduct of Examinations of 2nd,4th and 6th semester April 20th-30th
28 Starting of classes for 1st, 3rd&,5th Semester May 11th (Tentative)
29 Summer Break June 16th 30th
30 Reopening July 1st
31 Conduct of examinations of 1st,3rd and 5th October 26th to Nov 6th
32 Starting Classes of 2nd,4th and 6th Semester November 16th
33 Winter Break December 15th to January 10th